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Praxis at Wild Goose Fest

Praxis at Wild Goose Fest, 2018

"Make America Great Again: Difficult Conversations in a Difficult Time."

Friday, July 13th, 1pm at the "Bridge" location at Wild Goose, Hot Springs, NC

During difficult and divided times it can be hard to engage in meaningful conversations centered around religious, social, and political topics. However, it is in these exact times when these conversations are most important. In this workshop we will discuss the disconnect between the biblical decree to “love thy neighbor” and the political rhetoric of “Make America Great Again.” We will engage in a discussion as to how important it is to have difficult conversations with family members, friends, and co-workers. We will then move to a share-out where we will give some guidance and tips as to how to hold difficult discussions and provide a space for everyone to practice them. Finally, we will reflect on our experience through a worshipful debrief.