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Bringing REligious scholarship into practice

The Praxis Forum


Serious scholarship meets contemporary culture. 

We are part of the Westar community, committed to bridging the gap between the academic study of religion and the on-the-ground experience of religion and spirituality in contemporary culture. We seek to support continued research and scholarship on the origins, practice, and impact of the Christian tradition as well as foster the faith and spiritual growth of religious communities.

We are religious leaders with training in church, arts, chaplaincy, non-profit management, social justice advocacy, religious scholarship, the development of new faith communities and social service work. 

As a community of leaders, who seek to support and strengthen one another’s work, we develop events, workshops, and programming that raise religious literacy and strengthens spiritual traditions.



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Areas of Practice

Religious scholarship

When it comes to religious scholarship, many faith leaders feel they can't be fully honest with their parishioners. Meanwhile the people in the pew wonder why no one is keeping them up-to-date. Our scholarship seeks to bridge this divide: to educate leaders and give lay people easily-accessible, up-to-date resources. 

Social justice advocacy

If what we believe about religion doesn't inform how we act in the world, then it truly is only an academic exercise. Our work also focuses on how a better understanding of religious principles can spur us to action on behalf of those who most need an advocate. 


Our membership extends beyond the Academy; many of us are ministers, chaplains, non-profit leaders. Creating a better-educated public happens in the spaces inhabited by churches, inter-faith organizations, and leading institutions. We see our work here as fundamentally important to our mission. 

expanding influence

As young leaders concerned with the pursuit of religious scholarship, and how this influences all aspects of life, we have a bold vision of expanding influence: to break down the walls of the Academy so that everyone sees themselves as part of this vitally important work. 

the arts

We believe that you can't have a conversation about bringing religion to the public square, without highlighting the importance of creative expression. Our members are also artists - musicians, writers, performers, and more - concerned with how religion is presented in contemporary culture. 

All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion, and forgiveness. — Dalai Lama