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Hear live interviews from our semi-annual meetings. Discussions with guest speakers, scholars, and attendees. 


Longer-form interviews with our scholars as well as others in the field of Religion. 


From overview videos of our mission, to snapshots of the various issues we cover, our roster of videos are both informational and educational. 


Westar authors are currently published under the Cascade imprint of Wipf & Stock Publishing, with previous titles archived under Polebridge Press.

Resources for Lent and Easter

As part of the Westar Institute, Praxis in part seeks to bridge the gap between religious scholarship and culture. To that end, we've put together a list of resources for those preaching, teaching, leading -- or just wanting deeper exposition -- during the season of Lent and Easter. Our list includes some brand-new material as well as past books, articles, blog posts, audio, and more to help people think critically about the historicity and meaning of the Passion narrative. We hope this list will be helpful!


Inventing the Passion: How the Death of Jesus was Remembered by Arthur J. Dewey 

The Trouble with Resurrection: From Paul to the Fourth Gospel by Bernard Brandon Scott

The Resurrection of Jesus: A Sourcebook edited by Bernard Brandon Scott

Gospel, Jesus, and Christian Origins by William O. Walker



The New Testament: A translation — A Review with Hal Taussig

Understanding Biblical Content with Robin Meyers

The Historical Backdrop of the New Testament with David Galston



Cognitive Dissonance and the Resurrection of Jesus by Kris Komarnitsky



Washing Dogma off Baptism by Hal Taussig

Baptism: A Pre-History by Stephen J. Patterson

The Ritual of the Hellenistic Meal: Early Christian Everyday Practice as an Exegetical Challenge by Soham Al-Suadi

Monastic Meals and Ritual Practice by Lillian I. Larsen 

Changing Courses: Eucharistic Origins by Andrew McGowan


Blog posts: 

Helping Jesus Fulfill Prophecy: A Report on Robert J. Miller by Cassandra Farrin 

The Radical Call of the Kingdom of God by John D. Caputo

Translating Baptism by Bernard Brandon Scott

A Secular Jesus by David Galston



Preaching the Resurrection of Christ Series by John Shelby Spong


  1. Getting the Resurrection Text Straight
  2. Searching the Text for Clues to the Resurrection
  3. The Third Day: Not a Matter of Chronological Time
  4. Reconstructing the Easter Moment from Biblical Clues
  5. Entering the Reality of the Easter Experience




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