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Praxis at Wild goose fest, 2018

Join us for Make America Great Again: Difficult Conversations in a Difficult Time.

During difficult and divided times it can be hard to engage in meaningful conversations centered around religious, social, and political topics. However, it is in these exact times when these conversations are most important. In this workshop we will discuss the disconnect between the biblical decree to “love thy neighbor” and the political rhetoric of “Make America Great Again.” Read more.


Fall Meeting, 2018

Westar holds its fall meeting ahead of the AAR/SBL meetings in November each year. In Fall of 2018, Praxis meetings will also be held during this time. Join us in Denver, CO on Friday, November 16th. More details to follow!


Seminars on the road

In conjunction with Westar, we invite members of the general public into conversation with scholars of religion at national and regional events throughout the year. These events provide opportunities for scholars to discuss questions that matter about religion with people from diverse backgrounds and interests.