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Upcoming Events


Spring Meeting, 2018

Praxis holds its Spring Meeting in concurrent with the Westar Spring gathering in Santa Rosa. We will meet March 21-24, 2018 for several days of thought-provoking discussion, public lectures, reflection on our work and practice, and many opportunities to connect. For more details, and for information on how to register, click here


Fall Meeting, 2018

Westar holds its fall meeting ahead of the AAR/SBL meetings in November each year. In Fall of 2018, Praxis meetings will also be held during this time. Join us in Denver, CO on Friday, November 16th. More details to follow!


Seminars on the road

In conjunction with Westar, we invite members of the general public into conversation with scholars of religion at national and regional events throughout the year. These events provide opportunities for scholars to discuss questions that matter about religion with people from diverse backgrounds and interests.